I’ve been trying to cook. This is a scary thought.

As most of you know, I just started my second year of community college. This semester, I have elected to cram all of my classes into two five-class days per week. I have five 1¼-hour classes, with fifteen minutes between most of my classes. Fortunately, I get a 45-minute break for lunch. However, I’ve had a bit of a problem knowing what to pack for lunch.

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There is beauty in randomness

Have you ever looked closely at a shirt covered with sequins? You really should. They are really quite incredible. Each sequin turns toward the light at a slightly different angle, which reflects a unique color compared to those surrounding it. As the wearer moves around, the sequins do to, and the light reflecting on each one changes accordingly. The randomness of the each sequins’ placement creates a beautiful, sparkling whole unlike that could have been purposefully designed, even by a professional designer.

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Talk about irony…

My family has an interesting way of handling cars. We have five assorted vehicles (a big van, a little van, and three cars, all bought used), all of which are either 15 years old and/or have been driven at least 140,000 miles. We do it this way, assuming that at least one of them will be having some sort of issue at any given time. So far, it has worked quite well, and all five of the cars and vans combined still cost less than what the average American pays for a single brand new vehicle.

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How I take notes

See the picture above? No, that isn’t the analog version of the “Digital Rain” effect from The Matrix. This is a sample of the shorthand I have been developing over the past couple years for taking notes at school. My handwriting is naturally bad, and making it legible takes time that I don’t have when I’m trying to write down something the teacher just said.

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What is the role of emotions within the Church?

It goes without saying that I am not an overly emotional person. Now, I am not as emotionally inept as Mr. Spock from the old Star Trek series. I do feel things, and I am known to emotionally react at times. Rather, my weakness lies in the expression of emotions, as well as the ability to handle other people’s expressions of emotion. I do not make a habit of pursuing emotional experiences, and I am heavily suspicious of anyone who attempts to manipulate me via my emotions.

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I’ve become opinionated.

Welcome to my third or fourth attempt at a blog.

I used to have a blog, when I was younger. But I had no opinions, and my obsessions were with things that didn’t interest anyone. Hence, I spent most of the time tweaking the blog’s template. Now I have opinions, and I also contribute to a tech blog (Check it out, if you are so disposed.) where I can write about things no one cares about, leaving this one for interesting things. Let’s see how it goes.

I should give you fair warning: I am a web designer. I selected a template for my blog that has no CSS rules set. This means that I am at complete liberty to create and tweak a design for my blog, which will make it confusing until I get it to a point that I like. It may look terrible. You may think that it’s ugly. I may also change things frequently. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, check back to see how this thing comes along. Who knows whether I’ll actually put anything on here?