I guess procrastination really does pay off.

This Tuesday, I was scheduled to give a speech on the Family and Medical Leave Act in front of my Business Law class. Naturally, I spent about three hours the night before writing the outline, putting together notes, and practiced said speech. By the time I got to school the next morning, I felt strong, confident, and fully prepared.


My physical and mental condition was closer to sleepy and vibrating.

As I was waiting in the hallway for my class to start, I overheard the other students talking about the visual aid that they had prepared. Curious, I asked them if visual aid was one of the requirements for the class. Turns out, it was.


I’d completely forgotten about that part.

Thinking quickly, I pulled out my trusty MacBook and opened up iPhoto. Since my speech opened with a story about my Dad’s health complications last summer, I found a picture of him. Borrowing a classmate’s flash drive, I loaded the picture into the projector PC and put it on the screen while I gave my speech.

My final grade? 100%.

I guess procrastination really does pay off.


I’ve been trying to cook. This is a scary thought.

As most of you know, I just started my second year of community college. This semester, I have elected to cram all of my classes into two five-class days per week. I have five 1ΒΌ-hour classes, with fifteen minutes between most of my classes. Fortunately, I get a 45-minute break for lunch. However, I’ve had a bit of a problem knowing what to pack for lunch.

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How I take notes

See the picture above? No, that isn’t the analog version of the “Digital Rain” effect from The Matrix. This is a sample of the shorthand I have been developing over the past couple years for taking notes at school. My handwriting is naturally bad, and making it legible takes time that I don’t have when I’m trying to write down something the teacher just said.

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