There is beauty in randomness

Have you ever looked closely at a shirt covered with sequins? You really should. They are really quite incredible. Each sequin turns toward the light at a slightly different angle, which reflects a unique color compared to those surrounding it. As the wearer moves around, the sequins do to, and the light reflecting on each one changes accordingly. The randomness of the each sequins’ placement creates a beautiful, sparkling whole unlike that could have been purposefully designed, even by a professional designer.

Likewise, have you ever looked closely at the ground on a beach? Each grain of sand is slightly different. Each one has a unique colors and shape in relation to the others. There are also little rocks, pebbles, and shells randomly scattered throughout, which act as an accent to the sand. As with the sequins, the randomness of the beach proves to be far more beautiful than anything that could have been designed by any person.

The same applies to a sidewalk of slightly crooked brick pavers. Differing lengths of overgrown grass in a field, varied sources of leaves on a tree, different genders, colors, and nationalities of people in a crowd at the store… All of these things are random happenings. There is great beauty in randomness. Randomness in the kind, style, and placement of objects creates a display of great beauty to those who are looking for it.

If you believe that God created everything, then you must as a result believe that He created randomness. Therefore, it is within His will for many chains of events to come together with odds that are so improbable and unreplicable that they can only be called random. The concept of divine sovereignty does not require that God control every little detail. A God who is able to create a reality that allows for free, uncontrolled randomness to create things of unbelievable beauty is truly all-powerful.

Spend some time looking at the beauty brought about through God’s allowance for randomness to happen in the reality He has created. A Creator who is able to create and maintain a reality of such complexity truly deserves our awe and worship.



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