I’ve become opinionated.

Welcome to my third or fourth attempt at a blog.

I used to have a blog, when I was younger. But I had no opinions, and my obsessions were with things that didn’t interest anyone. Hence, I spent most of the time tweaking the blog’s template. Now I have opinions, and I also contribute to a tech blog (Check it out, if you are so disposed.) where I can write about things no one cares about, leaving this one for interesting things. Let’s see how it goes.

I should give you fair warning: I am a web designer. I selected a template for my blog that has no CSS rules set. This means that I am at complete liberty to create and tweak a design for my blog, which will make it confusing until I get it to a point that I like. It may look terrible. You may think that it’s ugly. I may also change things frequently. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, check back to see how this thing comes along. Who knows whether I’ll actually put anything on here?



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